Legislation came into force in 2007 which affects expatriates living, or intending to live, in France who are under retirement age and who do not work.

If you moved to France after the 23rd November 2007, have been living there for less than 5 years and do not have a valid S1 form from the British authorities, you will no longer be entitled to state healthcare in France and will have to take out medical insurance with a private insurer.

If you are affected by the above, please contact us for further information on our GOLD HEALTH INSURANCE solution, which reimburses medical expenses at 100% of the Base de Remboursement or ‘tarif de convention’, or visit the ‘Gold Health Insurance’ page of our website.


Unlike the NHS in the UK where treatment is free at the point of delivery, in France you have to pay the majority of healthcare providers up-front and then be reimbursed.

The French Social Security defines the cost of virtually every type of medical treatment using the ‘Base de Remboursement’ or ‘Tarif de Convention’ (official or conventional rate) and you will receive reimbursement of your medical expenses at an average of 70% of this rate.

As an example, if the ‘Base de Remboursement’ for a consultation and prescribed medication is €91.42, the French Social Security would reimburse €59.57, whereas you would receive full reimbursement of €91.42 under our GOLD health insurance solution.


If you are covered by the French Social Security, you can choose either to pay for the remainder of the cost of treatment yourself or, like the majority of people in France, take out what is known as a top-up policy (complémentaire or mutuelle) such as our CLASSIC or LUXURY top-up insurance.

These top-up health insurance policies are designed to:

  • Reimburse part or all of the difference between the actual cost of treatment and the amount paid by the basic medical insurance scheme.
  • Provide cover for certain types of treatment not which are not reimbursed by the French Social Security (e.g. private rooms in the event of hospitalisation).
  • ensure that you receive an acceptable level of reimbursement for dental and optical treatment which are poorly indemnified under the basic medical insurance scheme.

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